Glazing Sucks

Weekend Update - finally got around to applying some much-needed varnish to the front windows - a series of three large picture windows, with smaller crank out windows below each. To do this I had to remove the old vertical blinds. These blinds are much hated by the Hobbled Wife, so imagine her glee when they came down.

No sooner had the old blinds hit the floor, than she was online at shopping for new blinds. Never mind the hours of prep work ahead of the Hobbled Runner: sanding, washing, applying some glaze* to the parts that came dislodged during the sanding and of course the actual varnishing itself.

Sunday's Ikea trip: No new blinds yet (Hobbled Runner must return to store for approval - UGH), but many other goodies including meatballs! The first family meal in a long time (pizza excluded) where everyone ate the same thing!

*Glazing sucks - I am not a glazier by nature.


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