Hybrid Talk

Much talk in family about hybrid cars. SDMoose has actually purchased one (I think?) and others talk about it.

Here's what Instapundit has to say:
As I've said before, if you just want to save money, a hybrid isn't the way to go, yet. With SUV prices depressed at the moment, you're better off buying a gas-powered SUV at a steep discount or -- better still -- getting, say, a 3-year-old Ford Expedition on a lease turn-in. But I'm very impressed that the Highlander hybrid has more pickup, and better handling, than most SUVs, and I also have to say that I like the electronic continuously variable transmission a lot more than I thought I would. Some people don't like the absence of shift points, but I don't miss 'em.


amy said…
I love our Prius! Mostly the husband drives it, but I get it this week and it is so nice!!! You have to remember that I'm comparing it to a 97 Saturn with no power anything...not even power steering....

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