No Snow - - Yet

Yesterday the talk around the "water cooler" was all about snow. "They" were predicting 6 - 8 inches. Evening rush-hour was to be a mess. My cube neighbor - she of the new Jeep - could not wait, gleefully monitoring of dozens of weather sites.

News came in from North Dakota - another colleague hails from NoDak - snow in Grand Forks. It had to be coming our way.

Of course the afternoon wore on and no snow. Not even any rain. By late evening 7:00 or so, we had some light drizzle, but it didn't feel right. It wasn't going to happen. Awoke this morning and I excitedly peeked around the blinds (yes, you can still be excited by snow in MN - at least the first few snowfalls), but nothing.

You'd think with all the fancy high tech gadgetry, and PhD meteorologists, they could predict something as simple as snow in Minnesota in November. Give me Bud Kraehling any day.

Of course I know the real reason why it didn't snow. A few weeks back I engaged in some serious garage cleaning. All the summer stuff is stowed away, and all the winter stuff (shovels, sleds, cross-country skis) is front-and-center, ready to go. Winter is mocking me.


George said…
How about now? Did you get snow yet?

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