The Show Must Go On

The entire family spent Thanksgiving “under-the-weather”. Mom and M both had strep throat, while the Dude and Dad suffered colds. M was the model actor, performing in both Friday and Saturday’s performance of Sleeping Beauty in a fevered delusional state. Even with the assistance of antibiotics and Tylenol, she probably hit the stage both nights with a fever. That probably puts us in the running for Bad Parent of the Year awards. If it had been anything else, we would have kept her home in bed, but she had been rehearsing for 12 weeks and really wanted to do it.

Despite poor health, she “wowed” them in her first full-length stage performance, playing both the seamstress and the “wall of thorns” to rave reviews. We taped the show both nights so she can now watch the performance from two different vantage points. Yes, we’ve already watched the show several times.


amy said…
Make sure that the tape is still good for at least a month so I get a chance to see it!!

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