Oz is Hot - and So's the Weather!

[Photo Source – Rosetown Playhouse. You can't see me but I'm helping hold up the gates of Oz.]

The first three performances of The Wizard of Oz are over. Now we can rest up for next week’s shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (July 14, 15, and 16). We had a big crowd last night – 700 some. (Approximately 550 attended on each of the first two nights).


Kids are scared of the Wicked Witch. You can hear the littlest members of audience tittering and gasping when she first appears. Score one for great make-up!

The Cowardly Lion is a great hit – especially with the Lion King reference.

The joys of outdoor performance: It’s almost impossible to easily get into and out of costumes when it’s almost 90 degrees with humidity to match.


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