Hot Time in Philly

[Checked the weather on Friday afternoon - ouch.]

I decided to follow this oppressive heat wave as it crosses the United States, arriving in Philadelphia on Thursday for meetings with customers. I had some free time on Friday so (like a fool) I wandered around in the 104 degree heat.

[From the top of the steps looking east.]

I visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art - famous for it's incredible steps that Rocky ran up in the original movie. Not a lot of tourists were doing the run up the steps and posing with hands held high - though a few couldn't resist the urge. I walked to the top of the steps in long pants, sleeves rolled up, carrying my laptop bag over my shoulder and holding my sport coat in my hands. Upon reaching the top I did not pump my arms, instead I retreated into the blissful air conditioning of the museum where I spent over an hour wandering the galleries and cooling down. When I signed my credit card receipt at the admissions desk I dripped sweat onto the receipt. The young woman behind the counter took it in stride, suggesting I might wish to use the complimentary coat check as it seemed I woundn't be needing my jacket.

I took a cab back to the hotel.


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