Looking for Some Mellow Air

I see this everyday when I make eggs for breakfast. It’s the controls for the fan above our stove. It has nice late 1950s look. Surprise – Mel-o-air is still in business. They’ve been in business since 1952 according to the website – “nearly 50 years” – hmm, time for an update on that math.

Given the weather recently it would be nice to have a button to summon some real mel-o-air.

Friday was a sick day. It was a partial mental health day with some authentic symptoms thrown in for good measure. I’ve been fighting a cold for about 2 weeks. I thought it went away, but its back. Symptoms include sore throat, swollen glands, cough, and general exhaustion. Doesn’t really feel like a cold. It feels like everything (play, work, work-related travel, oppressive heat and humidity) has caught up to me. It’s been chasing me for about 2 months, but I must have slowed enough for it to tackle me from behind. I would like to give it an olde fashioned name like dyspepsia (wait that's a real ailment). Here's a good one: Nervous Prostration - though it seems a bit melodramatic.

I know I bring it on myself by engaging in too much activity which can be loosely defined as activity other than work. But I can’t help it. Extracurricular activities like the Planning Commission and Rosetown productions help get me up in the morning. Another PowerPoint presentation and the latest spreadsheet doesn’t do the trick.


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