Ahh to Be at the Lake!

My nephew is quite the fisherman. While he shows the usual impatience of a younger fisherman - constantly switching bait - never letting the bait sit still for a second as he casts and reels in, casts and reels in - he must know something I don't. One thing he can do is respond correctly to a bite and set the hook properly. Here's a few snapped over the recent 4th of July holiday by Auntie Amy. He caught these from the dock all by himself. (Purple plastic worms - that's the ticket!)

These pictures from Amy come as a welcome relief. I'm sitting in Philadelphia (business trip) where the god-awful heat and humidity has followed me from Minnesota. Landed at 4:30 and it was 97 degrees - with terrible humidity. Went to dinner by cab - not far and probably would have walked had the weather been better.

I love the silhouette - I think I'll make it my new Facebook image!


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