The Essential Non-Essential Spouse

As many know, Shana is a non-essential state employee and so has been laid off with the recent Minnesota state government shut-down. Friday was her first official day of unemployment, but as Friday is her usual day off, it passed unnoticed – for the most part.

With the 4th of July holiday, Tuesday marked Shana’s first official day away from work as a laid off employee. Upon returning from the cabin, she got right to work – around the house. When the kids and I returned from Oz rehearsal Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m., there was furniture to move. She had been working and cleaning in the family room – and had done everything she could on her own. It was up to the Dude and I to lend a helping hand on a few pieces of heavy furniture.

I’m not sure what all the future holds for the non-essential, essential spouse. She’s talked about more furniture re-arrangement, clutter control, and some painting as well. If it wasn’t for the lost income, this shut-down may turn out to have a positive impact on the household.

As I tell her - you may not be essential to the state of Minnesota, but you're still essential to me and the kids.


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