Broadway Debut

Don't look so grouchy man! It's your Broadway debut after all!

Having some free time on Saturday, I took the train to New York City to conduct a little research for work. Dont' ask for all the details but "Yes" you have to go to New York to do this. The fact that I was in Philadelphia for other business made it easy. After some work time at the New York Public Library, I found myself with several hours free before I was to catch my train back to Philly so I played tourist, going to the top of the Empire State Building - a first for me. I snapped a few photos from the edge, but got a little dizzy and queasy and found it much more comfortable to hug the inside of the wall on the observation deck.

[Looking north and a bit east, the Chrysler Building, George Washington Bridge (I think).]

After that it was off to Times Square. That was an overwhelming experience - with millions of tourists, incredible noise - not to mention temperatures near 100.

After Times Square I wandered for another hour or so ending up in Hells Kitchen where I must have looked more local than tourist as I was greeted by a candidate for civil judge and given a brouchure. It was fun getting away from all the tourist stuff and seeing people where they actually live.

But - enough of that - I had to retreat to Penn Station well before departure time because I was too darn hot after several hours of wandering Manhattan.


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