Wizard of Oz - Poster Anyone?

Postering Day - Saturday 6/18/11 - Maria in the middle with friends. We had just stopped at Edible Arrangements. They took a poster - and provided free samples, chocolate-covered strawberries.

Wizard of Oz rehearsals are going well. I’m starting to see how it will all come together. Of course I know the show – everyone does – but when you spend a great deal of time rehearsing songs and dances for just a few scenes – and often in a very random order – it’s sometimes a challenge to wrap your head around the idea that this WILL come together in time for opening night, July 7.

I’ve been negligent in documenting Oz rehearsals. The Rosetown Playhouse Facebook page has some nice shots - including some with Maria. I will try to take some pictures tonight – maybe even a short video with the Flip.

New Topic/Same Post

Summer officially began this week, but you knew that already. The problem is that here in Minnesota it feels like Spring, or Fall, depending on your perspective. It’s been stormy and/or rainy, and a bit on the cool side. Leaving work yesterday, I heard on the radio that it was only 63 degrees. The average high for this time of year is 81.

Went for a walk today at noon – (11:45 AM – 57 degrees).

I’m hoping for a little sunshine to perk me up.

A cool, gray day.


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