Crazy Busy Week

It’s been a crazy busy week; everything is coming together in a perfect storm and scheduling nightmare.

It’s the last week of school for Maria. It’s the end of the road at Parkview, 8th grade graduation. This week we have/had Maria’s graduation ceremony on Wednesday; the graduation party tonight; as well as several end-of season dance practices and recitals for Maria (Tues, Thurs, Fri – and Sat).

Just to make things interesting, Maria is starting dance classes at a new dance school whose schedule doesn’t mesh well with the Park and Rec dance program holding recitals this week. The new dance classes started this week! – Monday for Jazz, and Wednesday for Ballet. Of course Wizard of Oz practice goes on for all who can make it (Mon thru Thurs).

The Dude’s last day of school (5th grade) is next Tuesday. Remember – different schools, different school districts. Tonight he has a choir concert (he’s doing a solo, Rainbow Connection) and some role in the 8th grade graduation next week – as well as Wizard practice.

As for Dad, he have to attend some (all?) of these events – and Wizard practice.

Shana is very busy – attending events – and helping set up for 8th grade graduation, and the graduation party.

And – yes, I’m sure I have some of the details wrong. I probably left out some stuff as well. I’ll let Shana comment with corrections.


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