Last Day of School

Last day at Parkview and Maria has taken the old kindergarten bag out of the closet for one last time. Each year kindergarteners are given a bag with their name on it. They use only that bag – not a backpack. It’s easy to spot the kindergartners.

When Maria first started, the 8th graders looked so big. Some were as big as me. One even needed to shave – occasionally. As a parent of a kindergartner I feared those big kids might step on her. Now she’s the big one – almost 5-10. Yes, she’s as big as me (maybe a 1/2 inch shy).

She hasn’t stepped on any that I know of.


crossons said…
Thought it was appropriate to share a First Day of School picture on this, her last day of school at Parkview. This is from 4th grade.

She was a much happier camper going to school today than she was the day this picture was taken!!
John G. said…
Ugh - that brings back memories. Not a fun year for either kid. We ended up moving the Dude out of Parkview that year - and almost took Maria with him.

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