Flash Mob! - and More

I’m a little concerned. Shana left town today for a three day conference, and I’m already exhausted – and it’s Sunday, the supposed day of rest.

Neither Shana nor I slept well knowing she had to leave before 5:00 a.m. Duke was the only one happy to be up at that time, but with a little coaxing, he let me have another hour in bed.

Then the kids got up early – which was good for Maria as she had to “work”. She is a volunteer at the Children’s Museum this summer and she had to work 9:00 to 2:00 today. That’s right – wondering what to do with your kid at 9:00 am on Sunday? Take them to the Children’s Museum.

After taking Maria downtown to the museum, I came back for some laundry and room cleaning with the Dude. Good news – he has still has a floor. It was under there after all.

After house cleaning we were off to the museum. It turns out Maria did get a lunch break after all. This is the first time I’ll bail her out by bringing a lunch – probably won’t be the last. From there we were off to Rosedale for a Flash Mob performance with the cast of The Wizard of Oz.

I think I was more nervous than I ever would admit because the relief I felt upon completing that singing and dancing at Rosedale was incredible. There was no time to savor victory, for it was off to Hallmark for a graduation card, then back to the Museum to pick up Maria who was a few minutes late – she had a meeting.

From the Children’s Museum we headed off to look at a desk Shana learned about on Craig’s List. It was very nice Ikea desk. We bought it, and the chair. They will go in Maria’s room – after we pick up the desk. Not sure why Shana drove her car to the airport – but there’s no way that desk would fit in mine – though the chair did. Shana can retrieve the desk when she returns Wednesday.

After the desk, it was on to a graduation open house for the daughter of a friend who will be attending Wesleyan this fall.

It’s sprinkling off and on and I declare it too wet to mow. We will be getting take-out pizza for dinner – with a nice salad courtesy of our CSA.


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