Guess How I Voted

I will be attending the American Association of Law Librarian conference in Philadelphia in July. I'll be doing the normal vendor things - staffing a booth, meeting with customers, etc. The company sends lots of people to this event and it's important we all look good - and that we all look the same.

Yesterday I received this email.

As AALL approaches, we thought we would take your opinions into consideration as to what the ‘approved’ booth attire will be this year. Please review the options below and use the voting button to select your preference! Please have your response by June 17th. We will send out the results next week!

Option #1
Dark colored jeans, a summer style WHITE shirt (Must have sleeves) and sporty orange tennis shoes (provided by trade show).

Option #2
Business Casual: Black slacks/skirts, white shirts (must have sleeves) and either a orange & white polka dot tie/scarf (provided by trade show).

Guess how I voted.


amy said…
Business casual. Can't see you in the other option!!!

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