Business Jargon: Level-Set, POA, and RPU

It’s been eons since I’ve posted on business jargon, but the past 24 hours have present a number of instances so I figured a post was in order.

In a meeting yesterday afternoon, someone used the term level-set about 5 times in the first 5 minutes. I had a general idea what he meant, but I had to look it up to confirm:

To ensure that everyone is at the same 'level' of understanding. "You better level-set your team before you send them on-site." Source.

Then today, there's this request via email: I’d like a quick meeting to discuss our POA. What? Turns out POA is Plan of Attack or Plan of Action.

And finally, I didn’t get the memo but it’s we now measure things with RPU (revenue per user), rather than RPA (revenue per attorney). I'm always the last to know.


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