What? It's Still Tuesday!

Whoa! A feeling of dread just passed over me when I realized it’s only Tuesday. Friday pizza night seems a long ways off!

Last weekend’s La bohéme is going well.

Here’s M and the Dude in the driveway before Sunday’s performance.

On the bright side, I've got something to look forward to. The Dude and I are flying out to DC for a whirlwind trip at the end of the month. Looking forward to spending time with the in-laws, seeing Mount Vernon (I’ve been to DC 4 times and have yet to see Mt. V), the Spy Museum (Dude’s request) and so much more. The DC trip takes place over the Dude’s spring break which is of course a completely different week than M’s. For M’s break, she and Shana are traveling to Wisconsin Dells to join other families from her school – then driving on to Indiana to see Shana’s sister and family. They’ve done the Dells Spring Break before – and the Dude and I always left behind. This is the first year we are heading out on our own adventure.

Here’s an unrelated but somewhat funny photo of me taken yesterday - three whole hours after physical therapy. We did a lot of back work – it hurt so good. I was face down on one of those padded tables with a hole for your face. I knew he was bearing down pretty hard on my back muscles – and my face has the lines to prove it!


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