Odds and Ends

Too bad I took this picture this morning. It would have made a great birthday post last Friday on my 48th birthday. It's an old abandoned reserved parking spot behind the Fairview Community Center.

We've been home "alone" since Monday and the Dude and I are quite proud of ourselves. We haven't made too many mistakes. We did leave Patches - the big cat - in the garage all day yesterday (8:40 to 6:00) Oops! She made a bee-line for the litter box when I discovered her and let her in. I'd never seen her move that fast.

I'll close with something I stumbled upon this afternoon whilst decompressing from 4 hours of straight meetings.

It's for you old Emergency fans (and you know who you are) - here's Bobby Troup (the one I always thought of as the "old" doctor - Dr. Joe Early) in action singing his signature tune, Route 66. It wasn't until YEARS later that I discovered that he was a well-known jazz man before Emergency. AND - of course - he was married to Julie London, singer and later actress (Nurse Dixie McCall on Emergency).


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