Tending to the Infirm – Boy and Dog

Last night was easy for me, but not so easy for the Dude. Easy for me because the he went to bed early, tough on the Dude because he had such a rough night that he felt the need to go to bed early.

It’s been a glorious few days. At least that’s what I hear, as I spend hours in meetings every day – several of these regular meetings are actually held in the basement of World Headquarters. The basement – while it’s 60 degrees and sunny in March – in Minnesota. What did I do wrong?

Anyway – it’s been so nice that the Dude has spent many hours outside enjoying the glorious fresh air and sunshine. He’s played outside every night after school and after dinner this week. Even I’ve played outside – catch on Wednesday – which was actually kind of nice for loosening up my back – and 2-square Thursday evening.

Last night he was a little upset from an injury at the tennis court. (He loves to roller blade around the local tennis court – less grit than the streets.) He negotiated a turn a “little off” and ran into a metal pole. His knee was pretty banged up – two nice scrapes, swelling, and the beginnings of a bruise. His head – well, lucky he was wearing his helmet. He just got bonked on the side of the jaw – he suspects the helmet took the full force of the head crash.

He held it together pretty good – but I figured it hurt when he came home early – on his own. Finally, when he was lying in bed he said, “I just have to cry.” And he did. That helped release the tension, and he conked out soon thereafter.

Duke – well the saga continues. We continue to tinker with the seizure meds, having lowered the Phenobarbital – after lowering the Potassium Bromide last week. That is helping (somewhat) the lack of control of his limbs and bringing back (some) of his old energy. Reducing anti-seizure meds comes at a price – and I was awoken this morning at 5:00 am to Duke having a seizure.

He seems pretty good now, growling at me from the floor, “Come on, we are awake, where’s the chow?”


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