Candyland - The Play

[The cast of Candyland - Dude near center, in tie and striped shirt.]

The Dude’s school produced their annual 3rd/4th grade play – Candyland. As they do every year, the kids developed the story idea, and with teacher (and some parent) assistance, created the entire script, sets, costumes, and music. I know what you’re thinking – hmm, how good could it be? It was great!

The basic plot: Families on a cruise, grown-ups at party/dance, and kids left to fend for themselves start playing the Candyland board game. Suddenly - kaboom - the ship hits something. An iceberg? No, an island - and not just any island - it's Candyland Island! Hilarity ensues.

The characters of the board game have come alive - Queen Frostine, Granny Nutter, and many more. Candyland has suffered some political turmoil; King Candy has been overthrown and kidnapped by the evil Lord Licorice. Can the kids help find King Candy and return him to his thrown? Will everyone make it safely back to the ship? You'll have to see the play (but you can't because it was a one day performance.)

Unlike last year’s kid-designed play – which rambled a bit – Candyland was a tight, riveting performance. It lasted almost exactly one hour but the plot was fast-paced and it kept my attention – I couldn’t believe it went by so fast. The fastest one hour of elementary theater ever presented.


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