Sunshine, Middle Tier, Opera Buggy, and More

[Sunrise over Fairview Fields, with contrail.]

The sun did its best to wake me this morning, after only 5 hours of sleep last night. Last night’s Planning Commission meeting ran until almost 10:30 p.m. I hadn’t eaten any real dinner, so I was up until almost midnight, eating and unwinding. It’s kind of amazing, but I’m really not tired. The Commission is very interesting and engages my mind on a level that “stand-up” meetings and heated discussions about meta-data elements in the middle-tier in my 9 to 5 world do not.

By the way, every time someone says “middle-tier” I think of Hobbits. I hate Hobbits.

Here’s M sporting her new back-stage pass to the Ordway. Shana had a pass yesterday – but alas it was only temporary pass. She had to return it when she left. Shana was “Opera parent” for yesterday’s La boheme rehearsal – making sure the kids were all picked up by responsible adults at the end of rehearsal. One of the highlights of Shana driving the girls (M and two friends) to opera is the “Opera Buggy” as the girls call it. The Opera Buggy is actually my in-laws Honda Element (with sunroof!) which we are driving whilst the in-laws are in Florida. Alas they return today – no more Opera Buggy!

Unrelated – but is there nothing coffee won’t do? Now it may help cut chance or irregular heartbeat. Hat tip: News Cut, - which is my new first stop in the blogosphere, now that Lileks is on vacation or something.

Here’s more unrelated stuff – this from another favorite blog, Free Range Kids,

Do your kids a favor. Let them get bored. Painfully bored.

Emily Geizer quoted in Free Range Kids.


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