Curtain Call

Whew – La bohéme closed today. M’s cast performed the Sunday matinee to a sold-out show. It was a gas – the cast really seemed to be enjoying themselves. How would I know that? When you’ve seen as many shows as we have, you can easily compare and contrast.

By the time it was all said and done, Shana had seen 5 performances of La bohéme. Philistine that I am, I only saw 2 full performances and ½ of the student dress rehearsal.

I'm a bit sad that La boheme is over - as I suspect M and Shana are. That said, I am looking forward to the coming week. It will be a bit lonesome with Shana and M off at the Dells and Indiana, but the Dude and I will have fun – assuming Duke cooperates. We are reducing one of his anti-seizure meds as it seems to be causing him to stumble around like a drunk. He’s especially dingy in the AM, falling down stairs and having trouble getting up if he falls. We hope the adjustment in meds helps. (Oh – and the diarrhea came back so he is back on the bland diet again! We made our own this time – boiled chicken and rice – mmm!)

While the alone-time with the Dude should be fun, next week’s work fills me with trepidation for reasons I can’t fully understand. As I’m sitting down to enjoy the opera this afternoon, I pull out my BlackBerry to turn it off, I see several work-related emails. Day of rest – hah! I read a few and by the time I’m done I wanted to stand-up, drop my BlackBerry on the floor and grind it under my heel. That would probably have gotten my booted from the Ordway – but it would have felt so good. Now I’ve got a queasy stomach as I “look forward" to Monday.


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