Slip and Fall - or - Don't Walk Your Dog in an Ice Storm

[Even Duke is cautious, staying close to the road's edge. He knows we shouldn't venture out.]

If I was really savvy - in addition to this "before" picture I would have snapped an "after" picture. The after shot wouldn't have been too interesting. All you would see would be clouds. Not more than one block from here my feet went out from under me - and in the beautiful slow-motion way that accidents and disasters have - I could see my feet out in front of me. I could feel myself parallel to the ground. Somehow my head didn't hit first - it was my upper back, then my head. It felt like a giant had slapped me hard between the shoulder blades then rapped hard on the back of the head for good measure.

I lay there trying to catch my breath - it wasn't working too well. Duke's leash had fallen out of my hand and he was wandering AWAY from me. In case you haven't guessed, Duke is no Lassie. I tried rolling from side to side. That worked but I couldn't turn myself completely over. So I lay there trying to catch my breath. After a short time, I caught my breath, and rolled over onto my side, then got myself up on my hands and knees and finally into a standing position. I was sweating as the adreniline rushed through me and I still couldn't catch my breath too well.

Of course I made it home - only to discover that Shana had taken all the ibuprofen with her on her weekend getaway with the girls to the North Shore. She must be expecting lots of sore muscles from cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing. I did locate the naproxen - and thanks to a double-dose of that I'm feeling OK. Very stiff all over - but I lived to tell about it.

The kids and I are taking it easy this rainy afternoon. It's a real mess outside, but inside it's nice and warm. Just finished the butterscotch brownies, and we've been reading and practicing our musical instruments (kids not me).

[Book 4 of the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants series.]


amy said…
ack! One of our teacher's slipped on ice last week and had a major break in her ankle. Surgery next week. Hope you didn't break anything!
Lisa said…
How are you feeling today? BE CAREFUL!

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