Out of Whack

Jogged along behind Duke on Monday night – but only for few steps as extreme pain registered in my upper back. Tuesday morning I called the doctor’s office. They saw me that afternoon, prescribed muscle relaxers, ordered a CT scan, and sent me right to physical therapy.

The PT guy thinks I have both whiplash and a few vertebrae out of place – actually turned to the right a bit. If the CT scan this afternoon shows a fracture we have to wait for that to heal before putting the discs back where they belong. If the scan is clear, which the PT thinks will be the case, he will put me back together sooner. Hmm – he didn’t describe how it’s done, but I suspect it could hurt.

Now that I know that something is "officially" wrong, I'm feeling the pain more and it's making me crabby! Too bad I left the muscle relaxers at home.


amy said…
me thinks you and your wife should invest in a big bottle of muscle relaxants...you two!!!
Lisa said…
jeepers,John, I'm sure this is exactly what you need right now. i hope the "putting back together" part can happen easily and soon.

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