Returning to the Scene of the Crime

One week since the big fall and I finally mustered up the courage to walk over the spot where I fell. I've passed it several times as I hobbled past with the dog, but finally got the courage to actually walk over it yesterday. Of course I didn't fall - but then again it wasn't covered with ice.

Quick update - MRI scheduled for Wednesday. Appointment with Orthopedic guy not until the week after. I should be healed by then - jeez. I've had some PT in the meantime. We work on my neck - the whiplash - and will not address the back until teh MRI and Ortho visit. I canceled out on my work trip for later this week - San Diego in February! I think the flight (MSP to Chicago then to San Diego) would have killed me - not to mention the 12 hour days standing on my feet.

I've developed a distinguished slouch. When I walk, I stare at the ground about 6 to 7 feet in front of me. When I try to look out in the distance I end up peering over my glasses and everything is blurry. I have to make an effort to lift my head to avoid running into people (and cars) coming towards me.

Other than that I'm feeling pretty good - sleep well thanks to the muscle relaxers.

Enough about me - Henry was here on Friday night. It's hard to believe he was so ill barely one month ago. He entertained us all by demonstrating his latest skill - tap dancing!


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