Feeling Old

By 9:00 am Wednesday, forces had conspired to release my inner curmudgeon: In one of yesterday’s “stand-up” meetings the coach (yes we have an Agile coach) brought a Koosh ball. She started the meeting by throwing the ball. If you caught it, you had to speak. You couldn’t talk without the ball in your hand. If you had nothing to report (like me), you threw the ball to another.

I’m too old to toss a ball around a room, unless I’m tossing it with someone younger than 10 years of age.

I arrived at work around 8:00, but a series of “stand-up” meetings prevented me from sitting down until 10:00. My back was killing me.

Today, I get the Facebook invite to join my high school reunion Facebook Page – 30 years! August 14th – we are out of town.

Hey – you kids – get off my lawn!


Lisa said…
Hang in there! At least they don't have you playing tag...yet.
amy said…
Do you guys actually do any work in your place or just go to stand-up meetings? I hear you on feeling old, though
julienj said…
Maybe you could play hide-and-seek instead.

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