Happy New Year

Still here; settling into the New Year, the old schedule, but a new role at work. I will be working with new people, and new and different products – but remain part of the same New Product Development group.

Since I last posted, Henry has been released from the hospital. He went home December 30. It’s quite “miraculous” – really – if I dare use such an over-used term. It was pretty touch-and-go in the beginning, and even when things got “better” the docs were saying he would probably miss the remainder of the school year and would have to start kindergarten (again) next Fall. Now that he is home, there’s talk of returning to school in February.

Shana and M stopped by to visit with Henry yesterday. M played Uno with him. She reports he is a bit more subdued – he’s usually quite the rowdy character. He seemed to struggle a little with some speech – but overall he’s looking good. Walking is still a challenge sometimes, and he needs help up and down the stairs. But that should improve in time.

Like I said – miracle.

We spent some quality time with the in-laws over the break. We had lots of fun. Here’s an amazing but true fact – I actually went to hear live music at a downtown club. And saw a movie – at a movie theater. Those who know may will find that hard to believe.

Thoughts from yesterday - not posted then:

I’m really not an online guy. That point is always driven home during my absences from work. While I may check email or blogs occasionally, I generally shun the internet when away from work. It just seems like too much work: pull laptop out of bag, turn on, find wireless connection, log-in, etc. But at work it’s different. Here I get paid to sit in my chair and respond to email. I’m expected to be in front of my PC. Side trips are inevitable – as a way to keep me planted. In a past life – before the internet – I was the guy in the office who wandered around talking to co-workers. Now I’m a hermit, glued to my seat – working and checking into the online world.

Of course, I might have spent more time online if it wasn’t a holiday week. Holidays are slow news times, and slow news times are slow blog times – and of course the worst kept secret of the web is that most web activity occurs during work hours. If people aren’t at work, they aren’t online – at least not to the great extent they are 9:00 – 5:00. That’s why “Cyber Monday” is a Monday and not Cyber Saturday or Sunday.

It’s amazing more didn’t pile up after being gone for over a week. Nothing much happens in the week between the holidays.


Lisa said…
So glad to hear about Henry! It is going to be extra weird coming back with all the change. I hope it's going well for you.

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