Take Good Care of My Baby - and More

While reading a blog post today, I learned that the Beatles had recorded September in the Rain – something I did not know. In fact, I’d never even heard of the song. Found it on YouTube – of course. Quite a bit overdone by Paul McCartney.

From September in the Rain, YouTube suggested Take Good Care of My Baby. Never knew they did that one either.

I like Take Good Care of My Baby for a number of reasons:

1. George Harrison has a “difficult” voice. He seems to struggle with many numbers – especially cover songs. In my opinion, this is one of his better covers – sort of a nice falsetto at times.

2. The song is written by Fargo native Bobby Vee – who rose to fame after being asked to stand in at the last minute for Buddy Holly in Moorhead, MN. Holly had died the night before in a plane crash that killed Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper (and the pilot of course). Vee was 15 at the time.

3. I heard a lovely version of this song at a wedding, sung by the father of the bride. It sounds corny now – but very touching to see it in person.

Both songs (bootlegs never officially released) were from the infamous Decca audition recorded January 1, 1962. The Beatles did not pass the audition. The Decca guy who turned them down reportedly said, “Guitar groups are on their way out." Words he surely regret later.

But really, if you see to the selection of songs they presented to Decca, it’s not surprising they were turned down. Some of the numbers were downright goofy, Sheik or Araby, and Three Cool Cats, for example. Almost novelty numbers. Not the best showcase for their talents. They auditioned only three of their own numbers – none of which was ever released officially by the Beatles, but were covered by other Liverpool artists.

Another cool YouTube find was some recently posted concert footage from the Indiana State Fair from September 1964. What I found fascinating was this live version of If I Fell. The footage is a little shaky – OK the whole thing is kind of shaky! Shaky but cool. Apparently Hoosiers don’t scream a lot – so the sound is not so bad – all things considered. Check out the funky glasses on the female audience members.


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