New Laptop - But Where's the Printer?

It was a happy Monday yesterday. It doesn’t get any better than getting the email asking when they can stop by to drop off the new laptop. It’s fast, and lighter, and somewhat smaller. And – might I add – the cafeteria was serving Swedish Meatballs. Happy Monday indeed!

But now it’s Day 2 and the laptop honeymoon is over. My dictionary needs to be retrained. Imagine a computer dictionary not recognizing “Gisselquist” – the nerve. [Right click, Add to Dictionary.]

This morning I spent too much time trying to get the darn thing to recognize my desktop printer – the elusive HP LaserJet 1320 – not the various other HP Laser Jets out there – but the 1320. It almost makes me feel special – like I have the only 1320 – except I can’t print without walking down the hall to collect them.

Wait – there’s more: All my Internet Favorites were saved – thank goodness – but of course they now list in alphabetical order – not the special order I prefer – most frequently used links on top. It’s amazing how many links I just click automatically without thinking what they are called. Now I have to think – what is the real name of that site? – and then go searching down the list.

Yep that’s the extent of my troubles: My laptop can’t find my printer though they are about 2 feet away from each and tethered by cord; and, it takes me about .75 seconds longer to find a web site in my Favorites. Could be worse.


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