State Fair - Round 2

[SkyRiding over the Fair with Sweet Martha's Cookies.]

Today was my second trip to the State Fair. This time the entire family (and a friend of M's) came along. The Dude and I went off alone so we could see the animal barns - which M now refuses to enter - and a few other things that only appeal to the boys.

[The Dude and some really large pumpkins.]

At the end of the evening we all walked home - as were at the north end of the Fairgrounds and it would have taken longer to walk back across the Fairgrounds, and then wait for a bus home. The kids did not even complain - much.

[Butterfly House]


crossons said…
The walk home was certainly worth more than a sentence! We walked home through the U's ag fields -- corn, wheat, etc., fields - right in the middle of the city! It was dusk, cool, nearly full moon. It was beautiful - we were tempted to walk through the corn but decided against it... Plus, we could hear Randy Travis at the Grandstand loud and clear :-).

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