Duke - and the Bloomin' Garden

[Summer lingers and Duke enjoys some time in the pool.]

It's been a while since I posted about Duke. I wish I had snapped a better picture - one that would show off his weight loss. We've had him almost one year. Duke arrived at 112 pounds, and was weighed Friday at 87 pounds. We are quite proud of ourselves - though Duke is not always so happy. In addition to apples that have fallen from neighbors' trees, he's also taken to eating tomatoes from Shana's garden. Oh - and cat litter - but we won't go into details here.

Snapped a few shots of the gardens - this is the space near our mailbox and along the driveway. Shana can identify all the various plants - I just take the pictures.

More flowers - feel free to hazard a guess in the comments as to what they are. Sorry, no prizes.

All these flowers are quite small - seems the little guys bloomed last.

Final note (thankfully without pictures): The Dude has a stomach bug. He skipped dinner, and became ill shortly after that. Sad part is that he really wants to go to school tomorrow. I told him it was probably just a 24 hour stomach bug. He hopes it's a 12 hour bug. Yeah - right.


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