It's Over

[Fully charged Caribou Coffee card.]

That didn’t last long. It was only a week. This morning, I broke down and loaded up the Caribou card again.

Why? A number of reasons come to mind, but first and foremost is that fact that I have so few indulgences in my life that a minor coffee habit seems perfectly acceptable. In a busy work-a-day world, it’s nice to have something to look forward to – like good coffee.

Besides, the free stuff was starting to give me some stomach troubles. As for coffee intake, you drink more when you limit yourself to the free stuff. Imagine that. I actually drink less when I limit myself to the paid variety.

For whatever reason last week it felt right to do without, but now that that Dow is rebounding, I feel “in the money” – Time to celebrate with good coffee – HAH!

Note the cool picture of S and I – circa summer of 1992.


crossons said…
We need to get you a new picture... yikes!

And yes, $655 a year for coffee is cheaper than ulcers, so go for it.

I bet the Caribou workers were glad to see you back!
John G. said…
I actually have lots of newer pictures. I re-discovered this oldie but goodie when switching cubes a few weeks ago. It had been stashed away - but I thought I'd put it back into circulation.
amy said…
Well...that's a lot longer than my husband could have lasted. I shutter to think of the money he spends at the coffee shops.....with all those fru fru drinks he gets...

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