Weekend Highlights

It was a busy weekend, so I’ll only include some highlights. Big news for Saturday – we actually went out for dinner as a family! That might not sound so exciting, but it had been a while since we’ve done that. We used to have dinner out a lot – but we hit a phase where the kids could not agree on a restaurant. The Dude was the most difficult to please.

Then Friday and out-of-the-blue, the kids suggested we try going out to dinner this weekend. Mom and Dad picked the location, Pop! – and there were no objections.

On Sunday, everything was back to normal – with neither kid wanting to attend the event du jour – the Friends School annual Harvest picnic at Fort Snelling State Park. As usual, once we got there everyone had fun. At one point, M and I went off for a little hike so she could take pictures.


amy said…
Why are kids such a pain in the butt? I remember never wanting to do things and then having fun once I got there. Wait....I'm STILL like that.

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