Duke - Back by Popular Demand

I’ve been scared to post these past few days, fearing I could never top the response to last weeks’ dog post.

Unless – I post about the dog – again.

The Hobbled Wife (HW) has conducted a long-running email (and telephone) correspondence with Duke’s foster mom. Since HW and the Dude will be out of town Thursday through Monday, it's up to me to meet this dog in person and make a decision yea or nay. HW has been very busy arranging my blind date with Duke. We are now down to the final arrangements – where we will meet them Saturday, how will I recognize them?

Here’s a few snippets of a recent email, with my snide comments in brackets - meant to make me laugh, thus reducing the pressure I feel:

I would say that he reminds me of Eeyore and has the same attitude. [Great, a depressed dog.] He is sooooooo easy going and such a sweetheart I have a strong feeling you will have a new dog when you come home. [No pressure there!]

I feed him Nature's Recipe Venison and Brown rice. [Lookout – he eats better than we do!] You could even try a lite version for awhile. Natural Balance is the other food that I buy when it is on sale. I found with all of my dogs, if I try the any on the lower quality dog foods my dogs get sick and one of them had a seizure. Also you will need a large or ex-large crate for him to sleep in. [I’ll be sure to pick up the one with sleep number mattress.]

No pressure here. On the one hand, the Hobbled Wife wants a dog (this dog) so badly. On the hand, the kids couldn’t care less. M is probably even downright hostile to the dog idea on her worst days, at best indifferent on her better days.

So the pressure is on. Who will I make happy, and who will I piss off? Reminds me of work.


Suefunky said…
I admit it - I logged on to see if the Foster Mom had any more updates on Duke. You definitely have a decision. But you will have more information (perhaps all the information you need) when you and M meet him. Don't stress until then!
julienj said…
I have to say that comparing someone's personality to Eeyore isn't that much of a compliment...but considering that goldens are stereotypically pretty happy-go-lucky, maybe she just means that he is more philosophical than most. Good luck!

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