Soothing Cloud Break

It’s been a busy crazy last week or two at the office, not to mention all the fun stuff at home.

1. Thursday - Rosie the cat visits the vet and returns home after being treated for ear mites and worms (the fun of "adopting" a wild stray). Oh - and Rosie has a new name - Roscoe. Turns out she is a he!

2. Saturday - quick bathroom cleaning turns into 6 hour project that included 4 trips to Home Depot. After cleaning sink in 1st floor bathroom, I'm unable to turn off water. Figure it's time for a new washer (there had been a slow drip for some weeks - I was ignoring it). Go under the sink to turn off water to faucet, but the shut-off valves are "stuck" in the open position. WD-40 and significant muscle power could not un-stuck them. Had to turn off water to entire house, pull the entire faucet and piping from the point the copper came through the wall. Oh - and while I was at it - we always hated that old vanity and sink anyway. So - like I said 6 hours later - we have a very nice pedestal sink. Problem is I haven't had time to successfully anchor the sink to the wall so it's kind of wobbly.

3. Sunday night - doing some laundry and the washing machine decides to stop somewhere between Rinse and Spin. I have a washer full of wet soapy clothes. The repair guy is coming Wednesday morning, probably only to declare it DOA and then we get to buy new washer (and dryer too why not??). Always hated that old washer/dryer anyway.

4. Tomorrow - the first Cub Scout den meeting of the year. I've barely planned it out and they are all coming to my house. Did I mention I don't have the the 1st floor sink hooked up yet?

Oh - and work - lots of crazy fun here.

As the Hobbled Wife said last night, "Take a deep breath".

It helped lift the mood to take a late afternoon walk out-back. My BlackBerry camera works best out of doors, especially with clouds.


Mama Bear said…
Your post made me laugh and feel better. The last 12 hours have been crazy at our house (Bjorn up most of the night, both cats threw up hairballs between 4AM and 6AM, etc.) so it was good hear it isn't just us!

PS- We have had three boy cats and they have tended to be extremely sweet and snuggly. Our girl cat on the other hand is a handful!

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