Tell Me We're Nuts!


As if a two pound kitten wasn't enough, we are in "negotiations" to acquire Duke, a rescued 90 pound Golden Retriever. The Hobbled Wife has been lurking on the RAGOM (Rescue a Golden of Minnesota) site for years, toying with the idea of adopting a Golden.

We finally applied with Ragom, and had a home visit from one of their volunteers and her dog. We apparently passed the test, and we got put on the list. The first dog we inquired about was adopted by another family, but now we are talking to Duke's foster Mom.

Interesting twist - M and I will be the first (perhaps the only) family members to meet Duke. We will see him on Saturday, September 19th at the RAGOM picnic at Snail Lake Regional Park. The Hobbled Wife and the Dude will be out of town, and it may be up to M and I to decide thumbs-up and thumbs-down on Duke. Apparently we will be given the power to act on behalf of the family - that's a lot of pressure. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

Perhaps next will we adopt a child, or a better yet a family.


Suefunky said…
Did you really think I wouldn't weigh in on this?!?!?

Do you really think I even need to post an opinion?

Good luck with your decision!
amy said…
I think Duke will be less of a problem than a kitten!!!! I would just negotiate with Hobbled Runner about who has to walk the dog on cold, dark, dark, cold winter mornings BEFORE the dog is acquired!!!!!!!!!!
amy said…
I mean negotiated with Hobbled wife
Doc Jen said…
Way to go HR and HW! I love how you're going from no pets to a possible two. Because I still have fond memories of Favorite, of course, I say, "Go for it!!"

I've been toying with the idea too so I'll be curious to hear how it works out. I expect more pictures here and on fertile plots.
crossons said…
Someone better say something negative or the Hobbled Runner will think I've bribed you all! :-)

Hobbled Wife
julie said…
I can't believe that you've waited this long to get a dog, so I'm not at all surprised. I hope that Duke is a good fit for you!

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