Losing Steam

Crazy wild days here at the Hobbled Home while the wife and kids are away. Yes, I'm grilling two nights in a row. Tonight I had to eat indoors because it's raining (again) outside. Did the pork chops with Penzey's BBQ 3000. It's a BBQ rub - very tasty. I'd never really used a rub before - hard to believe at 46 isn't it. But I'm smart - I sprinkled it on the meat, then rubbed it in. Seemed the logical thing to do. They turned out very nice.

At least I won't have to water the plants. The Hobbled Wife usually leaves pretty detailed instructions about watering the plants when she leaves. This time, no instructions. Thank goodness it's raining, because it's a job to water all the various plants and gardens around here.

Last night, after staying up until almost midnight working on my PowerPoints for the MOBAR (Missouri Bar conference), I had dreams where people argued about changing PowerPoint slides. Between the awful dreams and waking ever two hours, I had about 5 hours of sleep last night. Took a short nap this afternoon, but haven't been able to get the energy back.

I finished painting M's room this AM; and it's very nice if I do say so myself. Also did some birthday shopping for M and secured some stuff for her party next Saturday. I also bought a gift for my nephew - we are hosting my Mom and my broher's family next Sunday for a big combo birthday bash - my mom, nephew, and M - all have birthdays in about three weeks of each other.

Changing subjects - working my way through the Summer Sampler by Summit Brewing, a local brewer in St. Paul. I really like the Scandia Ale. The Pilsner was good, and now I'm enjoying the HefeWeizen. Overall favorite - so far - the Scandia Ale.


amy said…
I taught your daughter how to wash dishes last night. Had to teach her how to add soap, scrub, and rinse the rice and bean pot. I suppose someone taught me how to wash dishes some time ago but it seemed funny that one has to be taught how to do something like that...(think it might have been my Aunt Jane at that Looney restaurant she used to work at...I recall she taught me how to wash a head of lettuce).

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