You (Still) Have Mail

Life-saver – stress-buster. This morning I unchecked the Display a New Mail Desktop Alert (default Inbox only) in my Advanced E-mail Options. Being a twitchy fellow, I was always jump on the emails as they “popped” up in the right hand corner. It seemed I never finished one task before being called off to work on another.

Now, I’m breathing easy, and getting stuff done. Don’t worry, I won’t miss your email. I’m constantly toggling back-and-forth between applications. The only difference is that now I only check my email every 3 minutes, not every 30 seconds.


Doc Jen said…
Oh hobbled runner, thank you. I've been exiting Outlook to avoid that Pavlovian response every time my computer pings at me and flashes a peek of e-mail text. I started doing that when I realized that I would interupt almost any text to read whatever message had just come through (no matter how inane). You just offered a far better solution. :)

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