Finding New Ways to be Hobbled

Now it's my shoulder. As I explained in an email to the Hobbled Wife this afternoon,

Two weeks now - - the problem may be that I keep trying to use it. Not push-ups – can’t do those, but I’m stretching it, doing some yoga and light weights. Shoveled snow carefully over the past few days. The theory I’m operating under is that by using it, I will keep my range of motion, and avoid scar tissue on any pull/tear I may have. Last time I had PT on my shoulder – they spent a lot of time massaging out knots directly behind my shoulder. The odd thing about shoulder injuries is that they radiate the pain up and down the arm and into the back some – so even though the injury is probably quite “small” – the pain is felt through the arm. Also – I’m having trouble sleeping on that side. I’m waking up a lot.

It was injured 2 weeks ago when I fell down the stairs. As I reported at that time, most pain was in my foot, as I had gotten that stuck up in the hand railing. My toes are still a little tender, but now I wince putting my arm into jackets, and find myself choosing to lift heavy things with my left hand/arm rather than risk the right.

Heading to the Doctor tomorrow morning. Maybe some PT - need some good massage and ultrasound treatments. Ahh - feels better already.


amy said…
Hope you didn't tear your rotator cuff!

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