Mmm - Maple Donuts

I enjoyed a maple donut today, courtesy of the Roseville Bakery. The occasion? We welcomed a new member to my “team”. I say team in quotes because it’s not a real big team, being comprised of only two – counting me.

It was actually a hello/good-by kind of deal, as today is her last day before taking a few months off for the birth of her 2nd child. Needless to say colleagues have been teasing me about my inability to retain staff since she’s been in her new position for 10 whole days and now she’s leaving.

Of course, family insiders also know it’s my birthday. Number 46 – if you’re keeping score at home. So in addition to the donuts (not really for me) a colleague brought brownies to help celebrate the passing of another year. Mmmm.

By the way, very good donuts at the Roseville Bakery – 1147 Larpenteur Avenue, Roseville, MN – did you know they have KOLATCHKY? Made fresh every Saturday! Available in date, cream cheese, prune and poppy seed.

Oh yeah, just got a free cappuccino at Caribou - this birthday boy stuff is pretty nice.


crossons said…
Happy Birthday, Hobbled!
amy said…
SOunds like you had a nice birthday, Hobbled!

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