Crash Landing

Whew – that’s better. Back from a bit of a funk. Tired, worn out, missed a day of work last week (should have been two), and swamped at the office. Warning to parents: don’t put kids in schools in different districts – M is now on Spring Break – but the Dude is not. Ack!

Most accidents occur in the home, but here’s some helpful advice. If you slip and fall down the stairs, use your foot to stop the fall. Specifically, put your foot up into the hand railing. Works every time – except that now several toes on the right foot are messed up, and one looks like a little purple sausage. In addition to my right foot, my right hip and shoulder hurt, but the pain in my back and neck is gone. Thank goodness H & J left the Honda Element (with automatic transmission) in our safekeeping when they jetted off to Argentina and Chile. The shifting in my Ion was aggravating my shoulder.

Vindicated – now maybe my family won’t tease me when I drop and give them twenty in the family room as I often do. Some nights I get close to 100 push-ups, doing several sets of 20+ at a time. Now there's this from the NYT:

“It takes strength to do them, and it takes endurance to do a lot of them,” said Jack LaLanne, 93, the fitness pioneer who astounded television viewers in the 1950s with his fingertip push-ups. “It’s a good indication of what kind of physical condition you’re in.”


crossons said…
Do please explain the connection between 100 push-ups and the fall down the stairs? Did the push-ups cause the fall? :-)
John G. said…
It's a very random post - no connection really. Although it would be hard to do push-ups given the condition of my shoulder.

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