Penultimate Cabin Trip

Got away to the cabin for three days early this week. Beautiful weather, and we got to enjoy the quiet of the regular week - without hardly any boat or personal watercraft traffic.

Enjoyed some quiet reading on the wooden "swing".

Notice the price - - only $2 at Bev's Book Nook. The darn thing probably cost 75 cents when it was released in 1964. Dig that crazy chick.

Maria and the Dude each snapped a variety of pictures - some of the Dude's are NSFW (Not Safe For Work), but I thought I'd include some of the more interesting ones.

Only one more weekend to go at the cabin - Labor Day Weekend. I'll be sure to blog about the annual de-docking (taking in the dock). Looking forward to a new chore this year - dismantling the trampoline.


amy said…
Looks like you're not getting too much help with the paddling on that canoe ride!!! Did he catch any fish, though?
John G. said…
We caught only a few from the canoe. Without an anchor, an a slight breeze, we drifted a lot - kept getting too close to shore. Yes - he was NO help with the paddling.

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