Children's Museum

S and the kids visited the Children's Museum this afternoon. Here is some photographic documentation of the event. The Hobbled Runner did not attend so he can't provide much detail.

The drawing pics (above) I can make sense of - this last one, I have no idea.


amy said…
What's wrong with your camera??? Or was it the photographer?
John G. said…
The series of 3 - with Dude drawing horse were taken by the Hobbled Wife. Nothing wrong with camera - but it doesn't have a very fast "shutter speed" (is there such a thing on a digital camera), so any movement becomes an "artistic" blur.
Anonymous said…
And the one of the guitar playing....was a little model behind plex. M was experimenting with the camera - gotta get that girl some photog lessons.... she tried about 6 shots of that same thing to see which worked best!
- s

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