The Old Man and the Radio

We were talking baseball on Saturday. M’s friend Anna was sleeping over. Rather than watching Bewitched (2nd season on DVD – one of M’s favorites), we started watching the final innings of the Twins-Sox game. (Twins won in extra innings.) Anna is a BIG Twins fan – and knows a lot more than most 9 year olds about the Twins and what’s happening in the American League Central race. She actually knows more than this 44 year old – but that’s not too hard.

M even joined the conversation – and she does not understand baseball at all. She thinks it is so funny that Boppa (her grandfather) likes to listen to Twins games on the rickety old radio at the cabin. Reception on the old radio isn’t good to start with, and given that the game is on AM, there’s usually some static. If there is any “weather” within several hundred miles – and there usually is – the radio generates a fair deal of static.

M painted a nice picture of the Old Man and the Radio: You can always tell when he’s listening to the Twins, she said, because it looks like he is bent over the counter staring into the backyard. At first you wonder what he’s looking at out back, but then you hear the scratchy radio, and realize he’s listening to the Twins game. M thinks it’s funny.

The Hobbled Runner often wonders why he doesn’t put the radio near a comfortable chair or the couch and actually sit or lie down while listening to the game. For that matter, what about a better radio? We may never know.

(Remind me to get a picture of him staring out the window while listening to the Twins this weekend. Perhaps M should take the shot.)


amy said…
Well...he CAN'T get a new radio because then Missy M wouldn't be able to have that as a memory of her Bapa!

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