Yesterday I experienced some dizziness after lunch – had to "hold onto" the wall twice (once while leaving cafeteria) and sit down once before I made it back to my cube. Ducked out of a 1:00 meeting and went to the nurse. An on-site nurse is one advantage of a big company with a manufacturing plant. She probably appreciated the challenge of a non repetitive-stress injury.

The nurse figured the dizziness was due to allergies. I had done a lot of dusty, dirty work over the weekend, and was a little stuffed-up. She took my blood pressure (108/68 - normal for me) to make sure it was not too high to give me some generic sudafed. She then dispensed the decongestant (samples – expiration date 6/06 !!) and sent me on my way. Apparently ears stuffed from allergies can cause dizziness. I agree that is possible, but she was pretty quick to reach that conclusion, so I left feeling a little "cheated" by the experience. Total time of visit, less than 5 minutes.

Later on - - it worked. I could feel my ears clearing and the dizziness seems to have passed. I guess I'm gonna make if after all.


amy said…
This is interesting to me that they have a nurse doing this stuff!!! Are you sure it wasn't an NP??? What a nice perk, though. Don't worry about the exp. date (though she should have told you about it!! Or noted it!!) I would have wondered if claritin would have worked well, too?

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