Caught - A Casualty of the Larger Meth Wars

Minnesota passed a law this year that outlaws folks from purchasing more than 7.5 grams of a pseudoephedrine product every 30 days. That’s the equivalent of 60 tablets of 12-hour Sudafed. (Or 30 tablets of Claritin-D 24 - my drug of choice.)

Anytime you wish to purchase a product with pseudoephedrine you must approach the pharmacist who swipes your driver's license through their computer. They caught me on Friday at the Roseville Super Target, when the system said I had purchased too much of a "Restricted Item". Actually I am allowed to purchase 60 mg more before I hit the wall, but since no one sells individual pills, I'm out of luck.

You can also be assurred that I will be stuffed up – due to seasonal allergies and who knows what else. I’ve had a few dizzy “spells” in the last few days, so I suspect I’ll be visiting my doctor to get a prescription for the darn pills.

Don’t get me wrong, Meth is an awful drug. It has had quite an impact in rural areas of Minnesota. The public billboard campaign with their before/after faces (like these) freak my kids so bad they turn away when they see one.

I trust the new law is working, thought I haven't heard much news about it's impact yet.

To borrow a phrase - - "When they outlaw pseudoephedrine, only outlaws will have pseudoephedrine."


amy said…
Got their eye on you, eh!!!

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