Uno Flashback

Seems like just yesterday - I first heard of the card games Uno and Skip-Bo up at Green Lake. My "little" cousins were obsessed with the games, and I suspect I was dragged into a game or two, or three.

Cousin Blair takes a trip down memory lane:

While browsing the aisles at Walgreens this morning I wandered through the "fun" aisle while on my way to pick up something in an adjacent area. I was only superficially paying attention as I wasn't looking for any games or toys but then I came to a complete halt when I spotted these two boxes:

[uno skip-bo photos deleted]

I haven't played Uno or Skip-Bo in years. In fact, now that I've thought about it further, I suspect I haven't played either since my grandparents were still alive. Naturally, I embraced my proclivity towards impulse shopping and purchased both games. The question, of course, is do I remember how to play either one of them?

My kids still play Uno - we have the Harry Potter version.


Ann said…
I seem to remember a few Yahtzee! tournaments as well. You were always a great sport, unlike your brother who was always embezzling from the bank during Monopoly games.
John G. said…
My favorite Yahtzee memory was when - - caught up in the action - - I dropped the dice into my full coffee cup, rather than "dice cup".

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