Let the Record Show....

This is the Hobbled Wife posting. Yes, I have my own blog, but as I never use it, no one ever visits. So- since it is crucial that the record must show the activities of the last weekend at the cabin, I thought taking a valuable blog entry on Hobbled Runner was the most reliable method.

Please note that the following pictures clearly show that others BESIDES myself spend time at the cabin napping. It is also crucial to note that the Hobbled Wife did NOT get a nap on this particular day, while these two did.

Disclaimer: John had a swim suit on. He wants to say that this is the first Memorial Day he can remember that he spent significant time in the swim suit!


Sue A said…
Excellent use of the camera! At last, evidence! (Which I can appreciate as well!)

Nice work.
Cate Ross said…
NO APOLOGIES!! Moms DESERVE naps! Any time, any where... This is my manifesto! Just don't nap while driving.

Love the post, S! And congrats on the Bridging! (I've got a junior troop and a Studio 2B--you go girl!)

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