Q-U Wedding

Here's a picture from the recent Q-U wedding at Parkview Center School. It's an annual event for Kindergarteners - and quite the big deal. The Dude was a ring-bearer. Everyone was excited that it "made the paper".

Reverend Read spent a few moments talking to all of the kindergartners and reminding them what they were about to witness was a pretend wedding.

“I’m going to read from the book of q,” he said, before reading several words beginning with “qu,” many of which drew polite giggles from the audience.

Finally, “u” turned to “q” and repeated after the minister, “I ‘u,’ take you ‘q,’ without question or qualm, to quote and quiet, to be my partner in words, from this day forward, I won’t quit.”

Read then had “q” repeat the words to “u.”

With that, he smiled and told the audience, “Ladies and gentleman, I present Mr. and Mrs. ‘qu.’”

The wedding party and all guests then enjoyed cake and punch before heading to the playground where Mrs. “qu” threw her bouquet.

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amy said…
Ring bearer, eh? I hope he had more fun at the Q-U wedding than he did at mine!! I'll never foget how much he DIDN'T want to be at mine!!!

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