Weekend Edition

The Hobbled Wife is off on yet another 40th birthday celebration - this time the destination was Duluth with three friends. Dad and kids have kept busy. Highlights include yesterday's musical practice. While the Hobbled Runner prepared lunch, M was playing her latest piano pieces, the Dude was playing Freres Jacques on the violin, and all the while, the metronome was banging away loudly to a completely different beat.

The boys had the house to themselves last night while M had a pre-school "reunion" sleepover at a friends. The boys watched Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster - again.

This AM we picked up M very early at the sleep-over and proceeded to the Dude's swimming lessons. M was upset because she was the first one picked up, but quickly recovered when we hit the road.

I just finished giving a demonstration of the proper under-arm fart technique, threw in a load of laundry, and will now prepare brunch - french toast - before heading off to M's ski practice.


amy said…
you guys still have snow?????????/ We were SUPPOSED to get "4-7 inches" on Friday night. C even went to get some used XC skis in anticipation of the event....a Sat. morning free from work and a woods full of snow....alas....the rain Friday night hardly turned to snow and we woke with only a dusting of white stuff over mud soaked ground. Sigh.....

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